Let's Party!

Writing custom handlers

Column handlers

Suppose you want to partition your data on a per-month basis, and you know that data is deleted from the db after 2 years.
Since you can't specify all the months you want in the configuration file (you could do it, but you should specify all the months from now to, say, the year 2300...) and there is no way to tell Let's Party! that partitions after 2 years are deleted you have to "override" the default behaviour.

In other words, every time you have to deal with partitions that are not just interval-bound, but have some other way of splitting data, you can write your own implementation of PartitionedColumn.
In fact, the default class that manages partitions names is BasicPartitionedColumn, but you can specify another handler for each table in the configuration (attribute class in element <column>).
This way you can write a class that suits your needs.